KAHEDO seats: Top quality and first rank convenience.

KAHEDO seats: Top quality and first rank convenience.

Seats from KAHEDO an investment for your wellbeing.

Custom build – for your bike we realize an invidually seat.

Custom build – for your bike we realize an invidually seat.

You can not find your desired seat in our shop? Please contact us. We can realize an individual seat for almost every bike.



The thermo-belt for your tour in common also for cold weather. Innovation made by KAHEDO.


KAHEDO quality




I received the seat last week. Just a note to say thanks. It's a perfect size and the workmanship is top class. 



Regards, Kevin B.





Dear Mrs Pfizenmayer,



Yes, the seat arrived yesterday.



We want to thank you and your company for the excellent service and on time
delivery (before our motor trip around Europe) of the seat.
And of course for the beautiful work you made. It was beyond my expectation.


We will sent the 'old' seat today to you. Also included is the paper filled
in with all the information of my bank account/ IBAN and BIC code


Thanks again for the good service.


Best regards,



Corry and Fred O. Geldrop /Netherlands

excellent service

...Thank you for your excellent service in June when I picked up the seats and the tankbag for my R1200RT. I continued my trip down to Nice and picked up my wife. After some days we drove through France, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark back to Norway. Your seats are much more comfortable than the original BMW seats. We are both very satisfied with the quality and the long drive comfort. We also experienced that the tankbag was a 'must' on our Tour. With all our luggage we could not have managed without it.

I have shown the seats and bag to our Norwegian BMW-dealer, and also written some recommendations of your seat on US BMW internet-forums...


Jon R. B. /Norwegen

SVEVOTEC Thermo-Belt

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